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One of my research interests is the history of the Anti-Nazi League and Rock Against Racism between 1976 and 1981. I've been writing about the ANL for several years and have conducted some eighty interviews with people who took part in the campaign. I recently published a book-length history of the ANL, When we touched the sky, which was published by New Clarion Press in 2006.

I've put a 30MG video based on stills from the 70s. Here's a link to more of my articles not just on the ANL but on the history of British fascism.

Here are some articles that I've been writing along the way

The Anti-Nazi League: as social movement
The Anti-Nazi League 1977-1982
Anti-fascism in the North West 1976-1982
Southall and the death of Blair Peach
Working-class anti-fascism 1945-51 and 1974-9
August 1977: the Battle of Lewisham

I'd recommend the BBC's archive footage of the Lewisham demonstration and an interview that was conducted with Blair Peach's widow Celia Stubbs after Blair was killed by the police at Southall.

I've put up a timeline for Rock Against Racism.

The follow links also take you to sites with some connection to the history of the Anti-Nazi League, or its sister-organisation, Rock Against Racism.

Attila the Stockbroker
Ben Watson, Esther Leslie, 'Punk in Wolverhampton'
The Clash
The Clash at the RAR Carnival
The Clash, 'West Way to the World'
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Danny Schecter, Rock Around The World
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Punk 77

Below also are links to some of the law cases in which the National Front and the Anti-Nazi League were involved. Three of the cases concerned local authorities who attempted to prevent the National Front from organising meetings on council properties. While the NF was sometimes successful, in law, the fact that authorities wouldn't let them use their buildings contributed to a sense that this was a renegade party.

The other two cases concern the attempts of Blair Peach's family to find justice, following Blair's murder at Southall in 1979. 

Peach v Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
R v Hammersmith ex parte Peach
Verrall v Great Yarmouth
Verrall v Hackney
Webster v Newham

Finally, I've also posted as a blog entry here, a friend Bernie's memories of RAR and the ANL in Manchester.