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Welcome to my website. At the top of the page are live feeds from two blogs I run, 'Lives; Running' (a blog about running) and 'Struck Out' (a blog about the Employment Tribunal). Apart from them, I use this site to record work in progress, including excerpts from my books, older artices, reviews of my books, etc. See the links below and in the right hand column.

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16 May 2012: Two hundred years of class consciousness
I've recently published an article in Socialist History on how synonyms for class were used in and around the 19th century workers' movement. The most interesting part of it, I'm sure, was some quick research I did using the new Google database of the contents of books published in English to show the relative frequency of two ways of writing about class, and the incidence of the phrases "working class" (generally seen as indicative of a more "activist" class consciousness) and "working classes" (generally seen as indicative of an approach towards class which saw classes as capable of reconciliation). Unfortunately, SH couldn't reproduce the graphs in the published version of my piece, so I've also posted here a version of the article with the original graphs. More here at pages 16-7.

28 March 2012: Housing: as it is, and as it might be
This article explores the history of housing in Britain over the past 150 years, and the ways in which access to housing has been shaped by collective struggle More here

13 March 2012: an interview with Mike Wayne
I was recently commissioned to write a book chapter comparing three Marxists who write about culture - Ben Watson, Julian Stallabrass and Mike Wayne. More here.

12 February 2012: On Handshaking, or Not
When Alex Ferguson calls for Luis Suarez to be sacked by Liverpool; his sole concern is to have a player removed who he sees (rightly) as a footballing threat to his team. More here.